Wednesday, 7 May 2008


There are two kind critics toward historical conception. I want to require about historical forgetness and other side about crimes essence in the history. This questions are based on facts there are many bad story behind the appraisal history that be forgot.

The bible told that Jacob decepted his father, Issac by acting like his brother, Esau, to receive blessing from his father. Before that, he took exchange birthright from his brother and become the eldest by offering lentil soup. But these tragic story was a part of history emerging the Jewish as the chosen people.

From the story of Majapahit Kingdom we know that the kingdom was founded by Raden Wijaya, descendent of supreme thief, Ken Arok. He couped the highest power from Tunggul Ametung hand, also his beautiful wife Ken Dedes as his princess.

There are many history evens, like the founding dinasties, the coming a great hero and choosing nations were coloured by many kind of crimes like deceptions, murders, and the other ones.

Recently I road a book that had title “Why did America (USA) like war?”. As a person that unknowed about America’s history, I really felt suppressed to know that history USA was painted by chain of evil histories pastly. The economic forwardness didn’t come immediatly as God’s blessing. But established from the suffering and exploitation the others. History fact showed, that the land where the American-European people live now were the haritage that owned by Indian peoples past that owning by throwed away and murdered the such native people.

Ironically, today most of people around the world praise the economic progress of USA and mirror USA's economic system as a prototype the ideal. There are many countries against their own costumes and traditional systems because desaire to resemble, to what commonly said, American style.

So I call such phenomena as a history forgetness. As corruptor appraised because of his richness and ignore the causal. Like a lot of eastern peoples respect to European culture mozaic but be amnesia to the evil of European imprealism background, that took over the nature resources from the colonials to establish their greatness.

Is the forgetness history a part from human existance so the evils behind the histories tend unimportant be knowed. The history evens are fragmented, filled with collection of stories that uninterconnection.

Or maybe every human, in his unconsious state, belief that crimes are presupposition for a greatness. Evil and goodness are two kind of neutraly power that urge the history moving. Crimes can be hidden behind the heroic strories of the nation. We prone dislike the Western’s imprealism telling, especially if it was a part of our past history as a victim, but we likely praise our local story like Sriwijaya and Majapahit’s imperialism that prove our national's greatness altought behind those there were many bodly death wars and massacres.

Historical forgetness is kind of human need to find out the proudness to their own life. The crimes as the background the story have to throw away from our mind because it’s not important or its sound is not good. It’s better to hear a greatness that a bitterness.

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