Thursday, 8 May 2008


The existance of humans race are not completely gloomy as drawed by economic conception. Is It true if humans absolutly egoistic being? what's humas care just about him self , directed by instinct for reaching happiness.

Milan Zafirovski said (“Human Rational Behavior and Economic Rationality” Electronic Journal of Sociology, 2008), that reminiscent of the old utilitarianism, modern rational choice theory in sociology and economics defines rational behavior as ipso facto rational in instrumental terms, as economic rationality or utilitarian calculation. Subsuming all the ends, reasons, and motives of action to instrumental, egoistic or hedonistic ones, i.e., pursuit of utility, self-interest or pleasure, and avoiding disutility and pain do this .

But actualy it's not fully right. Humans has ability to secrisfice his need for other happiness. They can free him self from satifaction law. Animals are completely drive by the biological instinct but human not all. Humans behaviour can also be directed by his world view, ideology, what humans think as a ultimate truth and can sacrafices his life for defending his belief. The al qaeda mambers are brave to face death because of his belief . It doesn't happen in animals’s world. Human can do altruistically deed for saving other life .

Humans have free will, although instinctical drive still remain. Consciously human capable to direct their biological drive. Example when Budi felt hungry in spite of there was looking food in font of his eyes, but he can rejected it. What human do daily not just keeping life go on but also searching the meaning for his life. Human to make a decision or action not just for pragmatical orientation but also ethical consideration. Is it good or bad. Are the actions he choose benefit to the other or not?

Equal in the case of economic relation. Decision for getting happiness not just sole way to make choices. Humans can choose freely to serve their own desire alone or do something to help the other and victimize them self for that. A coorporat, like Bill Gate, can choose to maximize his profit by pushing labour wage. It is rationalty did when the rate of unemployment highly and the company's owners have better bergain position than the workers. So the workers tand be more tolerant to the policy because easy for the company finding new workers that prefered payed low than to keep them with more cost. But ethicaly the owners can choose to pay the wage in the ideal rate that can support the worker daily life

Market mechanism depending will create depair, when market prefernce based on egoistic decision. We can chance the badness of the market mechanism by etic. That we dont want to reach the maximaze satifaction buat just optimal satifacation, at the rate that not decrease the other happiness. Economic option not just base on humanism preference but be directed toward humanity service.

There are the dicotomy between the ethical decision with what we call nature law decision in a economic relation. Maybe in economic law, it naturaly right if someone use his asset to accumulation his capital. But it's ethically wrong when he is wealther alone otherwise there are other peoples suffer. Getting maximal satisfaction from economi relation absolutly is a rationa decision, it's more not ethical choice if he consiously reduce his production capicity to wider the other oppotunity to test economi benefit .

Unjustness and poverty exist are prone draw that market mechanisme fail to serve human life to reach a better life as long as depend of the egoistic preference. Althought market mechanisme still exit but human races have a freedom to choose their decision what they want to buy, how much?. Poverty establishment is a symbolizatiobn that most Indonesians still in unethical deed or habit. Dostoevsky said thar the other suffering are our resposibility to burden.

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